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Welcome to The Garden, the new and exciting monthly wellness membership from Emma Mills London.

  • Weekly live lessons and on demand library of uplifting classes and fascinating workshops to go to 24/7
  • Kickstart your wellbeing, shift your mindset and put new plans into action
  • Support to see you through times of worry, pressure, burn out or stress
  • A variety of new ideas, mindfulness tools and guided meditations you can start using straight away
  • A sense of community
  • Everything you need to prioritise your peace and happiness, from home


"The classes set you up beautifully for the day, and leave you ready to conquer the afternoon!"

- Claire, East Midlands, UK




About the Weekly Live Sessions


The weekly live sessions feature a variety of tools and techniques to help you create a wellness practice you can stick to. From gentle breathing, relaxation and mindfulness to self enquiry, guided visualisation, mantra, poetry and simple moments of stillness and self recollection.  At the end of each the session we open up for Q+A and group chat so you'll have the opportunity to ask Emma questions and share your thoughts and ideas too, if of course you'd like to do that.

"The sessions these past 3 months have improved my sleep and concentration and I no longer feel fatigued towards the end of the working day. It has been an invaluable tool and I hope they continue forever!” – Michaela, UK


About the On Demand Library


When you sign up you'll get access to the On Demand library where you can take to your favorite sessions again and again, as well as catch up with any you missed, 24/7 on mobile, tablet or computer in both audio and video format. The sessions are streamed on Zoom, and the recording of the Zoom live stream will go into the library each week along with your monthly study theme,  bonus meditations and illuminating self discovery workshops.

“Thank you so much for the workshop. I found it really stimulating and feel it gave a dormant desire a kick start. A very effective process which got beyond writing your wish and actions list.

It really helped me to reboot an old plan I’d like to complete. Thinking very broadly about who might help and what my resources were really helped, as did your examples of what worked for you.

It took something for me to get through a barrier that ‘I can’t draw’ so your pre workshop information was helpful. I’ve put quite a bit into action!?! I’m really interested at how it shifted something so that it’s not a long list of things to do – that you know you probably won’t. That’s been quite a bugbear of mine for years. Something has to change which writing a list doesn’t touch. Fascinating” - Cheryl, workshop participant December 2020



What's Included In Your Membership

When considered inwardly, the garden is a beautiful inner space where you can relax, unfurl, tend to yourself and retreat into your happiness. In the sweet company of the garden, you're free to be what you are and imagine what you might be.'

  • Weekly online 60 minute group classes with Emma.  (Usual price, £43.00 per month)
  • Access to the premium members library
  • A new mindful study theme to set you up for a beautifully for the month ahead (posted in the library on the 1st of the month)
  • A 10% members discount on selected online courses
  • One guest pass a month  (Usual price £10.00)
  • Emma also posts bonus workshops + content now and again too



About Emma

Emma Mills is an award-winning author and one of the UKs leading voices in the field of meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing. Her first book, ‘Inhale. Exhale. Repeat’ A 24-hour meditation guide book, was published by Penguin Random House in March 2017 and features a host of new and exciting ways to bring happiness, peace and inspiration to daily life. She also writes and consults with several leading publications and brands and guest lectures on the Psychology degree syllabus at Westminster University.


Join The Garden

£36.00 recurring monthly subscription charge, for ongoing access, cancel anytime.

You can create your account here

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What others are saying


"An oasis of calm" - Andrew, UK


"A real boost" Diane, UK


"A calming influence in a chaotic world" Jessie, US


"A heartfelt thanks to you for an amazing session.  What a tremendous joy to meet you in person." Tara, Germany





You can cancel your membership to The Garden at anytime by visiting your member account page.

There may be the odd occasions where Emma is unable to stream the session live, and in those cases she'll get in touch to let you know, and you'll find your weekly session will be pre-recorded and added to your library on the Wednesday morning instead.

Please also understand that these workshops may not be suitable for you if you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis, or have a long standing mental health difficulty that is not currently well managed. If in doubt please do contact Emma directly for advice about joining the workshop so that she can help.