Under 5 mins
Under 5 mins

Moving Meditation: An Energising Morning

Meditation: Energising Morning Moves

(5 minutes)

This is a fantastic movement sequence that encourages us to feel part of life, getting us ready to share our voice with the world. Try these moves standing upright, with your arms at your sides. Right, let’s get started!



  1. Gently sweep your right hand out at thigh height over the ground as though you are sowing seeds, turning your body from left to right moving the outstretched arm in an arc. Gently repeat this sowing motion from right to left with your left arm outstretched.
  2. Next, standing upright again, with both arms at your sides, bend to the right and look down at your right hand, then bring it in an arc-shape up and round, over the top of your head. Reach it as far over to the left as you can while watching it. When you are leaning over to the left as far as you can comfortably stretch, let the right arm just swing back round. Now do the same with your left arm, leaning over to the right.
  3. Stand back straight and look out at the horizon, raising your left arm up straight in front of you and moving it all the way round the left, following your hand with your face as your turn – all the time surveying the morning horizon. Do the same with the right hand.

"Moving Meditation: An Energising Morning"