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30 mins

Energy Centre Meditations – Workshop April 2021

Energy Center '7 Wonders' Guided Meditations 1-7

This is a 7-part guided meditation set created and spoken by Emma Mills.


This page will be live for you for the month of April. Please do be sure to download the meditations (save them) to you computer by then as the page will be taken offline in May and I would love for you to have yours to keep.

If you need any support in doing that do let me know

Thank you for a lovely session,



Meditations in this set:

  1. Groundedness (Root)
  2. Creativity (Sacral)
  3. Inner Fire (Solar plexus)
  4. Love (Heart)
  5. Self Expression (Throat)
  6. Knowing (Pineal Gland)
  7. Being (Crown)

Each meditation features breath work, guided visualisation, mindfulness based ideas as well as energy centre specific mantras. Mantras, put simply are specific and easy to make, gentle sounds that correspond to the different energy centres of the body.

You'll be guided to focus on each of the different energy centres of the body, and each meditation runs for between 9 and 13 minutes. You can listen to the meditations in this guided energy center meditation set one at a time according to your enthusiasm or what you feel you


  1. Groundedness (1st center) Download Now
  2. Creativity (2nd center) Download Now
  3. Inner Fire (3rd center) Download Now
  4. Love (4th center) Download Now
  5. Self Expression (4th center) Download Now
  6. Knowing (6th center) Download Now
  7. Being (7th center) Download Now