1 x 25 min and 1 x 15 min guided meditation + exploration of a poem about thinking.  Lesson with Emma on Zoom on May 12th 2021. PLAY "Thoughts"

Drawing On The Wisdom Within – Workshop (20 mins)

This video workshop led by Emma teaches an 7 step drawing practice to help you access the wisdom of the unconscious mind. Perfect for goal setting, problem … PLAY "Drawing On The Wisdom Within – Workshop (20 mins)"

The Powder Room

A 15 min guided visualization with Emma, May 5th 2021 Part Two. PLAY "The Powder Room"

Focus and Calm

An hour long lesson with Emma on Zoom + a reading on May time,  April 28th 2021 PLAY "Focus and Calm"

Natural Grounding

An hour long class + a reading from Rilke on Spring,  April 21st 2021 PLAY "Natural Grounding"

A Simple Body Scan

Something to try one afternoon or evening as you wind down, a 15 minute simple body scan PLAY "A Simple Body Scan"

Easy, Effortless Me

A 25 min & 20 min class + a reading about the value of patience and waiting,  April 7th 2021 PLAY "Easy, Effortless Me"

Lay Your Burdens Down

A 25 min & 20 min class + a reading about inspiration welling up and out of silence,  March 17th 2021 PLAY "Lay Your Burdens Down"

Bring Back The Magic Of Life

A 25 min & 15 min class + a lesson in apple contemplation,  March 10th 2021 PLAY "Bring Back The Magic Of Life"

Moving Meditation: An Energising Morning

Meditation: Energising Morning Moves (5 minutes) This is a fantastic movement sequence that encourages us to feel part of life, getting us ready to share our voice … PLAY "Moving Meditation: An Energising Morning"

March Theme

Welcome to March, home of the 1st day of Spring PLAY "March Theme"

60 Seconds Calmer

60 Seconds Calmer (3 x 60 second mini meditations) PLAY "60 Seconds Calmer"

Spring Clean

60 minute class - 27th January (coming soon) PLAY "Spring Clean"