Real Calm, Untoilngness and Compassion

  Wednesday Morning 7th July 2021 2 x 20 minute sessions  plus an inspirational reading. PLAY "Real Calm, Untoilngness and Compassion"

An appointment with myself

Todays lesson (2 x 25 minute classes)  begins with guided mindfullness exploring the breath, the body, releasing tension in the first half, followed by an inspirational reading. … PLAY "An appointment with myself"

Slip back into Neutral (pt.1)

Part 1 of a  lovely session streamed June 16th 2021,  we begin by examining the meaning of meditation, why we do it and why we use such … PLAY "Slip back into Neutral (pt.1)"

Poem + Meditation On Learning To See Things Differently pt.2

Part 2 of our live sessions streamed June 16th 2021. A beautiful reading from Eric Fried + mindfulness and negative thinking, what can we learn about the … PLAY "Poem + Meditation On Learning To See Things Differently pt.2"

A Deep Mountain Roar

A lovely 20 minute calming meditation using grounding, inner sensing and the body. The first part of our live session on June 9th 2021. PLAY "A Deep Mountain Roar"

The Radiance of Eternity

Live streamed on June 2nd 2021 this is a lovely 25 minute guided mindfulness exploration to put your body at ease and notice the radiant backdrop of … PLAY "The Radiance of Eternity"


1 x 25 min and 1 x 15 min guided meditation + exploration of a poem about thinking.  Lesson with Emma on Zoom on May 12th 2021. PLAY "Thoughts"

Drawing On The Wisdom Within – Workshop (20 mins)

This video workshop led by Emma teaches an 7 step drawing practice to help you access the wisdom of the unconscious mind. Perfect for goal setting, problem … PLAY "Drawing On The Wisdom Within – Workshop (20 mins)"

The Powder Room

A 15 min guided visualization with Emma, May 5th 2021 Part Two. PLAY "The Powder Room"

Focus and Calm

An hour long lesson with Emma on Zoom + a reading on May time,  April 28th 2021 PLAY "Focus and Calm"

Natural Grounding

An hour long class + a reading from Rilke on Spring,  April 21st 2021 PLAY "Natural Grounding"

A Simple Body Scan

Something to try one afternoon or evening as you wind down, a 15 minute simple body scan PLAY "A Simple Body Scan"

Easy, Effortless Me

A 25 min & 20 min class + a reading about the value of patience and waiting,  April 7th 2021 PLAY "Easy, Effortless Me"

Lay Your Burdens Down

A 25 min & 20 min class + a reading about inspiration welling up and out of silence,  March 17th 2021 PLAY "Lay Your Burdens Down"

Bring Back The Magic Of Life

A 25 min & 15 min class + a lesson in apple contemplation,  March 10th 2021 PLAY "Bring Back The Magic Of Life"

Moving Meditation: An Energising Morning

Meditation: Energising Morning Moves (5 minutes) This is a fantastic movement sequence that encourages us to feel part of life, getting us ready to share our voice … PLAY "Moving Meditation: An Energising Morning"

March Theme

Welcome to March, home of the 1st day of Spring PLAY "March Theme"

60 Seconds Calmer

60 Seconds Calmer (3 x 60 second mini meditations) PLAY "60 Seconds Calmer"